Generative AI Mastery Program

Comprehensive Training & Transformational Projects

3+ Industry-Driven Projects

Month 1: Introduction to Game Development
📃4 Modules

Module 1: Introduction to game development, game design principles, and game engines

Module 2: Introduction to programming languages and how to choose the right one for game development

Module 3: Setting up a game development environment and installing necessary software

Module 4: Introduction to game development concepts, such as game loops and input handling

Module 1: Introduction to 2D game development, 2D game engines, and 2D sprites

Module 2: Creating and animating 2D sprites and creating a basic game world

Module 3: Implementing basic game mechanics, such as jumping and collision detection

Module 4: Creating a simple 2D game using Unity or Unreal Engine

Module 1: Introduction to 3D game development, 3D game engines, and 3D models

Module 2: Creating and animating 3D models and creating a basic game world

Module 3: Implementing basic game mechanics, such as physics and lighting

Module 4: Creating a simple 3D game using Unity or Unreal Engine

Module 1: Introduction to multiplayer game development and networking

Module 2: Server-client architecture and how to synchronize game state between players

Module 3: Creating a simple multiplayer game using Unity or Unreal Engine

Module 4: Implementing multiplayer features such as matchmaking and voice chat

Module 1: Introduction to game design principles and how to create engaging and immersive game experiences

Module 2: Understanding game mechanics such as game balancing, level design, and player progression

Module 3: Implementing game mechanics in a sample game

Module 4: Understanding player psychology and how to create a fun and engaging game experience

Module 1: Introduction to game testing and debugging, unit testing, playtesting, and how to use debugging tools

Module 2: Debugging and testing a sample game, identifying and fixing common game development bugs and issues

Module 3: Introduction to game monetization, different revenue models, in-app purchases, ads and premium content

Module 4: Monetizing a sample game, understanding player engagement and creating a sustainable game monetization strategy

Module 5: Final project, presentation and Q&A


Live online classes

  • Engage in Interactive Learning
  • 250+ Hours of Expert Training


  • Cohort-Based Learning Approach
  • 1:10 Collaborative Academic Experience

Project & Portfolio Management

  • Experience Real-Life Generative AI Projects
  • Portfolio Development and Management


Empower Yourself for the AI-Driven Future Master Generative AI for Real-World Problem Solving Build a Strong Foundation in AI Innovation

Mastering AI Tools & Techniques
  • Create Solutions Beyond Coding
  • Creative & Problem solving skills.
  • Structured Curriculum
  • Build AI-Powered Solutions
  • From Concept to Implementation

    Generative AI Techniques

    • Harness the Power of AI for Creative Outputs

    Unity Engine

    • A cross-platform used for developing games and consoles.
    • Learn to develop games using Unity Engine.

    Web3 gaming

    • Web 3.0 is supposed to be the next big evolution for the internet and gaming.
    • Learn to develop games (web 3)

    3D games with audiovisual effects.

    • Developing games using unity framework, unity canvas, and games objects (3D).
    • Develop multiplayer games.

    Gaming Industry.

    • Understand the gaming industry
    • Career Planning.

    Projects & Portfolio management

    • Build Live Games.
    • Learn to build a Portfolio


    The Generative AI Mastery Course is designed to equip you with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the field of Generative AI. Our comprehensive curriculum introduces you to cutting-edge AI tools and techniques, allowing you to harness the power of AI for creative problem-solving and innovation. Through a combination of expert-led virtual classes and hands-on projects, you'll develop a deep understanding of how to leverage Generative AI in various domains. Upon successful completion of this transformative 6-month program, you'll earn a certificate from Digital Aided School, validating your expertise in Generative AI and positioning you for a successful career in the AI-driven world.



    World-Class Experienced Faculty from Digital Aided School


    Teaching Foundation of Game Development & Full-Stack Game Development to a point where the student is industry ready and can get placed easily


    Multiple batches in a week with 1.5 hrs long classes offering time flexibility. Time commitment of at least 3-4 hours total daily is required, including classes


    Through Digital Aided School, virtually in a physical classroom-like environment.


    Industry-level guided projects, Internship & Placement opportunities at top firms, Placement guidance & mentorship, Up to 100% Scholarships, Study First Pay Later


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