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Digital School is empowering educational institutions with LMS to get digital & automated & courses for kids to enhance mental, emotional, and conceptual growth & how to be a good person and human through visualization & game-based activities.

About Us

We are Digital Aided School a team of young professionals who believe in quality education & the latest technology. Learning is never-ending but learning what is required to keep body and soul together is principal. Learning through technology where the resources are unlimited makes it more merrymaking.

We have the perfect & feasible solution when it comes to EDUCATION & TECHNOLOGY. We have DIGITAL in our name (pun intended)

For EDUCATION solutions, TECHNOLOGY solutions & DIGITAL solutions allow us to help you with our plethora of band-aids as per your needs and requirements.

Digital Aided School

Skills your child will gain


Digital Aided School


Digital Aided School

To Create a productive work culture in which our employees happily and whole-heartedly contribute to our goal of making the world a place where every individual thrives together with the usage of technology readily available.

To make good knowledge and information available to all while using available technology or developing a new one.

To elevate the thinking of the next generation by providing them with all the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance their contribution towards making the society/world a better place.

To deliver important life skills and values by using available technology and resources and help other business by providing a platform for their growth at a fairly accessible price/cost.


Why Digital Aided School ?

Learning Content - Digital Aided School strives to utilize technology for creating fun-filled, activity-based content to enhance your child’s all-round growth.

Learning Quality - Easy to use in-house developed LMS (Learning Management System) to ensure that your child gets the best training experience always.

Fun & Learn - Game-based modules to generate your child's interest while learning attentively from us.

Create Difference - We want to create a positive difference in the life of every sentient being we come across. Hence the focus on designing modules to improve your child’s emotional, intellectual, social and psychological growth.

Fees -We understand the value of your hard-earned money. So we state that if you come across and show us a fee plan that beats us, we’ll teach your child in the fee you present to us.


We all have thought of providing additional information to our kids at some point of time.

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